About the Choreography Lab


Now in its seventh season, the Choreography Lab works to elevate and expand the use of dance in Musical Theatre. The lab’s unique programming supports choreographer development, fosters collaboration between writers and choreographers earlier in the creative process, and serves as an educational forum where all parties can strengthen and specify how dance can be used to convey story and character.

The Choreography Lab is the only curated choreography platform where choreographers and writers collaborate to develop movement for new musicals during incubation. It’s part of the core programming of  NY Theatre Barn.


Every season of New York Theatre Barn’s ​Choreography Lab​ consists of three signature labs: The Open Lab, The New Works Lab, and the 1 Show/4 Choreographers Lab. These labs all serve our core mission, but each lab engages the participating choreographers, and writers, in a unique creative process.


The New Works Lab focuses on bringing production numbers from never before staged musicals to life. In this lab, four choreographers workshop a production number from four different new musicals as closely to the way it would be staged in a fully realized production. Both the choreographers and writers benefit from seeing their piece staged while still in development.


The Open Lab allows choreographers to present their own narrative-based dance pieces, each with a personal choreographic development goal. In this lab, four choreographers are encouraged to develop language, style, and character-driven movement. The Choreographers benefit from having the opportunity to craft theatrical dance pieces with minimal constraints.


The 1 Show/4 Choreographers lab allows choreographers to workshop different numbers from a never before staged musical. In this lab, four choreographers see how their colleagues approach material from the same show. Both the choreographers and writers benefit from seeing and discussing the stylistic similarities and differences across the presentation.

For more information, please contact me at the following Choreolab email address: choreolab@nytheatrebarn.org

Past Choreographers Include