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I was recently asked THE BEST question by Chris Carlson, the producer of Brooklyn Players…”Can you list some dream projects of yours that you would like to direct & choreograph?”.

Why yes. Yes, I can.

I listed a few that I won’t mention here (as I have to keep some of my ideas secret!), but the third project I listed was probably the most out there…”I’d like to direct and choreograph HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING with completely gender blind casting”.

And to my surprise, Chris said, “sure”.

And that’s how I came to be directing and choreographing a gender blind production of HOW TO SUCCEED slated to run in March of 2020.

Sadly, COVID-19 stopped this production a week before it was supposed to go into tech- but I’m hopeful that we’ll still be able to do this production one day!


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