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Here’s some good news: I am now proud to say that I am a certified instructor of the BASIC and BEGINNER levels of the Nan Giordano Certification Program!

During the pandemic, there’s been a ton of things we haven’t been able to do. I’m happy to announce that earlier this year, there was something I was actually able to do BECAUSE of the pandemic. Up until 2020, the only way to become certified to teach the Giordano Jazz Technique was through the in-person Nan Giordano Certification Program, which is based in Chicago.

I certainly wasn’t planning to spend a week in Chicago getting certified in a classic form of Jazz dance prior to the pandemic…but when the pandemic put this certification program online, I jumped at the opportunity!

Giordano Technique is amazing- it offers a wonderfully scaffolded jazz dance pedagogy, and I have loved incorporating this style into my own classes.  And maybe one of these days, I’ll do the two more advanced levels…we’ll have to wait and see :).

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