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Gender Bent Production of “How To Succeed in Business”

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I was recently asked THE BEST question by Chris Carlson, the producer of Brooklyn Players…”Can you list some dream projects of yours that you would like to direct & choreograph?”.

Why yes. Yes, I can.

I listed a few that I won’t mention here (as I have to keep some of my ideas secret!), but the third project I listed was probably the most out there…”I’d like to direct and choreograph HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING with completely gender blind casting”.

And to my surprise, Chris said, “sure”.

And that’s how I came to be directing and choreographing a gender blind production of HOW TO SUCCEED slated to run in March of 2020.

Sadly, COVID-19 stopped this production a week before it was supposed to go into tech- but I’m hopeful that we’ll still be able to do this production one day!


Avital begins teaching a weekly Broadway Jazz Class at Mark Morris Dance Center!

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2020 has brought about an opportunity to expand my teaching capacities with Mark Morris Dance Center! I’ve been teaching tap at Mark Morris since 2017, and I’ve wanted to add a regular theatre dance class into the rotation for a while now. The dance center decided to offer some additional daytime classes this year after they expanded the studio, and so I’m now going to be teaching a beginning/intermediate Broadway Jazz class starting on January 7th!

The Floorshow is coming in September 2019!

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In case you haven’t been following along elsewhere, The Floorshow is a passion project of mine that I’ve been working on for the last couple of years.
The Floorshow is an original play with music and dance that explores the way we react to events in our own lives and the lives of those closest to us. The play asks us to examine our own reactions to adversity as a group of women grapple with the tenuous nature of female friendship.
This play, written by Dann Berg and Avital Asuleen, was originally conceived as a response to the ongoing deficit of well-rounded female roles in contemporary theatre. According to the NY Times, only 40% of Off-Broadway Speaking roles currently go to women. The Floorshow provides six fully realized female characters to women who more often than not find themselves playing the third chorus girl to the right.
The Floorshow will have an AEA showcase production this fall – September 26th-29th – at Theatre 71 in New York City. Tickets are currently available through certain tiers of our Crowdfunding Campaign and will also be available to the general public August 1st.